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Ah! The heart of every meet up you have been. What is it that you do? Well, scroll further to see what we do and how we can help you!

Business Development

Before we get even started with your Social Media Game, we have to understand how your Business works. What has this do to with Social Media? Well, the better we understand your Positioning, the easier it is to find the right Audience!


No worries. We don’t take you back to school. There won’t be any lectures or boring workshop. We will mainly sit together and evaluate what you currently do and how we can setup Systems to facilitate all of that.


As you can see, this step is the first one in our journey together. We set the corner stone for your Business. Once all of these Systems and Processes are solid, we go on and start kicking some Ass on Social Media!

Community Management

Now we get to the good part! We are going deep into the Social Media World here. A big part of our work consists of helping our Clients with their Communities.


So what in particular do we do? Well next to actually helping you responding to questions from the Community, we also focus on the Strategy side of things. Setting out one to grow the Tribe as well!


At the end of the day we are there for you. You shouldn’t gather around, thinking about new solutions to engage with the Community. We do it for you!

Social Technology

We know. You read this title and thought we’ve gone crazy! But we didn’t! Social Technology is one aspect of our Work, which combines Technology and Social Media.


Everyday we get approached by people who ask us what the best Post Planner is, or how they can get an edge over their competitors. The answers should never be, use this Tool, because we use it. There is always a Custom Solution for your Needs!


This is what we do with Social Technology. We find the best Tools for your Needs, integrate them into your Business Organisation and help make your Life easier!

Ah! You couldn’t resist and scrolled until the end of the page. No worries! We got you covered. Get in touch with us or follow us online to see more…

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