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You do what?!


Ah! The heart of every meet up you have been. What is it that you do? You’re a digital consultancy? What is that in particular? To make life a bit easier, we created this page with an overview of all our services.


The Strategy


Before we can even digitalise anything in business – big surprise this is what we do -we need to take a look at your business structure. That means, that we analyse your business plan. Are there changes we need to do? Is the digital aspect incorporated in it as well? Have you thought about the different connections between the digital and real world? But the business plan is not the only thing we take a closer look at.

Once the whole planing and strategising is done, we focus on implementing your new plans.


The Transformation


A plan is a nice thing to have, but the real transformation starts within your business culture. That’s where we come in and teach your teams or employees the new plan as well. Changing the tools or infrastructure is one thing. Teaching your people how to use these tools is the bigger mountain to climb. This is the biggest part of our transformation work. We need to find the different ways how your business works.

This often means, that we host workshops and teach you how to use these new ways of work. This is also the stage, in which we add new aspects to your business. This can be an E-Commerce store, a place for your community, starting a column or even simple things like a newsletter.

Once all these pieces are put together, we go into the last step.


The Distribution


The digital transformation wouldn’t be done within your business, if would leave out your marketing outreach. The times where you need to advertise in the radio or during TV shows is long over. Everyone has a smartphone these days and is most likely on social media. This is where we will position your new business!

No more second guessing with your marketing! Your new presence is measurable and fully integrated within your day to day work.